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5 Ways To Save On Labels

This week, I presented “5 Ways To Save On Labels” at Marijuana Media’s, “Packaging, Labeling, and Tips on How To Save Money” seminar in LA:

5 Ways To Save On Labels Packaging Labeling Revolution Ahead CA

And I had a table with printers and label samples:

Color Label Solutions at Marijuana Media

Guy Mikel Presenting

In addition to myself speaking on labels, Joel Bessmer, who led the event had presenters covering Regulatory, Packaging and Legal aspects of labels for cannabis providers in California. If you are interested in the presentations, you can get them here: Packaging Labeling Revolution Ahead CA

As you all purchase and use labels, I encourage you to review my presentation. You may find an idea that would save you money on your purchase of labels; including from us. To see the presentation, go to SlideShare: Ways to Save on Labels

To summarize my presentation, the topics I covered were as follows:

  1. Preprint vs On-Demand: Depends on the number of SKU’s
  2. Variable Data Usage: Depends on the number of SKU’s on how to approach
  3. Size Selection: Standard Sizes vs Custom Sizes depends on order quantity
  4. Order Quantity: Small Initial Orders vs Annual Orders
  5. Durability Requirement: Paper vs Synthetic

In addition, I provided two bonus ways to save on labels:

  • Manual vs Semi-Automatic vs Automatic application (watch the video on label applications on tubes)
  • Trusted Reseller (like us!)

But please go through the presentation and contact us if you have questions on any of the topics. Or contact us if you want to save money on your labels.

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Guy Mikel

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