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Apprehension = Good Design

Ranger Distributing LLC is a nationally recognized wholesale distributor located in Texas, proudly supplying Foodservice Equipment, Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Solutions, and Floor-Care Products & Equipment to many local, regional & national customers for the past 24 years. They conduct business in a safe & efficient manner conducive to a clean, healthy environment–all while providing superb customer service that remains their first priority.

Original Ranger Label

According to Beau LaBeaume, owner of Ranger Distributing, “we had our labels since my father started the business in the 1970s. A local printer designed our labels who would print 250 to 500 on a roll for us to apply. At the time, this label printing method worked well. But with the GHS requirements, I needed to do something different.”

With the GHS initiative, Ranger Distributing needed to comply like many other companies prior to June 1, 2015. If you want to learn more about GHS, see our post covering GHS in general: as well as BS569: Or see any of the other 44 posts covering GHS by searching our blog.

To start the process, Beau contacted the printer, who kept all of the original art. Beau said, “I had hoped that we could take the original content and add the pictograms required. So I asked the printer for the original artwork. They sold me the artwork, but it looked “copied”. What they provided was very grainy, especially the logo. The Wrangler Kid logo has been a part of our products since my father started the business. With the poor quality, I knew I had to take a different approach.

To get advice how to best comply to the GHS initiative, Beau contacted VM-3 Services,, who is an independent wholesaler of commercial cleaning supplies headquartered in San Antonio, TX; and a customer of Color Label Solutions. VM-3 is the source for discounted industrial sanitation supplies, custom blended cleaning chemicals, cleaners, sanitizers, degreasers, personal protective equipment (PPE) – gloves, respirators, aprons, janitorial products, paper/facility maintenance supplies, infection control, & personal sanitizers.

Vince and Morgan Maranto, owners of VM-3, suggested to Beau that he contact Color Label Solutions. And Morgan suggested I contact Beau; so I did.

After our first conversation, Beau provided me with an example of their existing label and SDS.

With this information, I created an example GHS label using BarTender. I copied and pasted the information from the SDS into an Excel file, and then connect the Excel file to the GHS label template. Once finished, I printed samples of the draft label to send to Beau.

At this point, I need to remind the readers that I am NOT a graphic artist! At the time, I provided Beau an estimated ink and label cost along with a quote. Based on this information, Beau purchased a C831 printer, labels and BarTender Professional edition.

After purchasing, Beau had apprehension about designing and printing his labels. “I am not a technological guru”, said Beau. “But I knew this type of work had to be done. With support from Guy and informational video’s from Seagull Scientific website, I created new labels; easily. I really liked the fact that the text boxes would adjust the fonts to fit the size. As these labels have so much information, I needed the means to fit all of the text onto the label; or to the side panels, I created. And I believe the labels turned out nice.”

Beau continues, “Since beginning to print labels, one of our manufacturers ask about the cost of our labels. I told him that our total cost is less than $0.16 per label. For their own products, our OEM manufacturer still copies the label and then paints glue to the copy to adhere it to their products. I think using the color printer and durable poly labels work much better than the system they have been using for many years.”

From Beau, I’ve learned that creating and printing on-demand color or GHS labels is not as daunting task as it may seem initially. Plus on-demand printing gives you complete control, enabling you to make each individual label unique as well as severing you from professional printers with large minimum purchase orders. Contact us if we can support your move to printing GHS or on-demand color labels.

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