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Best of 2017

During 2017, we published 31 original (32 if you count this one) posts on

BLOG: California Road-Trip

which was more than our goal for the year. As most of you don’t read every post, I’d thought you might find a summary of these posts of interest.

Love’s Oven Labels

As for most read, two stick out. First, the post that was read the most covered Love Oven’s use of the C7500G. These guys produce great looking, full-bleed labels.

BLOG: Edible Love

Plus, I love how Katie from Love’s Oven built the printing solution herself. Good work!

L301 from Afinia

Second, the next most read post of 2017 was my review of the new L301 color label printer. This printer produces great looking labels; at the most affordable hardware price of any label printer, we sell.

BLOG: L301

Color Badge Tag Printers

But the most read does not always represent my favorites. My favorites are reserved for customers who have built and implemented great label printing solutions. My two favorites for 2017 have us and BarTender in common. First, CompuSystems built a great solution using BarTender and the C3500 for printing badges in color and on-demand:

BLOG: On Demand Color Badges

Plus, we worked hard to put together badge options; including matte paper, glossy paper, and matte poly tags. These different tags produce great looking badges.

Quickscrew Label

Second, the Quickscrews used BarTender to pull text, images, color-codes and barcode data from their database to produce labels for 10’s of thousands of SKU’s. As the name of the post states, it’s the perfect example of a print-on-demand color label solution.

BLOG: Perfect Print-On-Demand Color Label Example

LX2000 vs C7500 Ink Cartridge

By far the most controversial post was my analysis of the differences between the C7500 and the LX2000. As you may know, I add posts to Linked In after publishing. On Linked In, this post created a lot of comments about the comparison, including one from the VP of Sales from Primera. What do you think of this analysis?

BLOG: LX2000 vs C7500

Guy Mikel at Label Expo Europe

And by far the most difficult post was the report on my visit to Label Expo Europe. Lots of pictures, videos and links which make posting a lot more difficult. But I found the Expo very valuable. See my perspective of the show here:

BLOG: Label Expo Europe 2017

And in this post, you’ll see the new printer we’re launching at WestPack 2018 in Anaheim February 6 to 8.

I enjoy posting my opinions and customer stories covering printing color labels on-demand; It takes work. But your readership of these posts is the real payoff for this effort. To date, Google says we have 320,000 page-views from individuals all over the world. I appreciate your readership, and I hope you find the information in these articles valuable. May you have a great 2018.

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