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Dreamy Labels

Dream City Cannabis’ ( philosophy is simple: Only the Best. Whether selecting their flowers, wax, cartridges or distillate, customers familiar with Dream City Cannabis know that they are getting high-quality products. The company harvests cannabis flowers from a wide variety of strains, always testing new lines of material in order to offer a rotating selection of flavors and experiences. Their oil products are also in demand, as they are processed purely from the flower of the plant. Overall, Dream City strives to deliver the highest quality cannabis products in the growing market.

Late 2015, Dream City decided to begin printing color labels on-demand. According to Matthew of Dream City, “Customers purchase our products initially based on the colors of our labels and containers. In our retail partner stores, it’s important that our packaging and labels convey our product positioning as the best cannabis available. Therefore, we needed to find a label printing solution to print great looking labels on demand that also gave us the flexibility to meet our retail partner demands.”

After our discussion, I printed sample labels for Dream City on a C7500 printer:

C7500 Sample Labels

After our discussion, Dream City purchased a C7500 and gloss labels. Matthew says, “Our C7500 has become a critical component to our business. We like the speed, durability, and reliability of the printer. We’ve printed tens of thousands of labels already with no hiccups. In fact, the only issues we have are operator errors. Plus, we like the colors produced by the printer. They are very precise, including the fine print required by the regulatory agencies on our small labels.”

Dream City C7500 Printed

“We print the same size label both in portrait and landscape to fit our specific products. The flexibility is great and important for our on-demand label printing requirements”, says Matthew.

C7500 Labels-Landscape

C7500 Labels-Portrait

To create the label designs, the designer for Dream City uses Illustrator and saves the file as a PDF. To make product-specific changes (i.e. change the variable data), Matthew uses Acrobat. Two other options to this system are as follows:

* Create form-fillable PDFs in Illustrator or Acrobat in the spots where you want to add the variable data.
* Use an application such as BarTender ( to create a label template, adding the variable data at print-time or pulling the data from a database.

C7500 Printed Labels

Moving forward, Dream City is considering purchasing on-site service for the C7500 to minimize any potential downtime. Under the on-site service program, a technician will arrive next business day when Epson is contacted by 3:00 Eastern time. On-Site service costs $1,029 per year, includes the first year, and covers all costs.

For customers who want to print beautiful labels reliably, the C7500 is a great option; especially for manufacturers in the new cannabis markets. Contact us if we can help you begin printing color labels on-demand for your cannabis or other products.

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Guy Mikel

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