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“Dyeing” For GHS

Pylam ( is an industry leading supplier of dyes, pigments and colorants to the global marketplace. Their colorants are used in an extensive array of products that range from cosmetics, soaps, candles, plastics, and even industrial applications. Pylam focuses on providing the highest grade products with an unsurpassed level of support and flexibility; offering a wide range of package sizes of all colorants. Their products include not only commodity items, but also custom-made blends designed to satisfy exacting specifications.

Like other companies in the chemical market, Pylam needed to comply with the new GHS requirements. However, Pylam wanted to change their labeling process as well. According to Aaron Reynolds, Vice President, “we had been using an HP Color Laser printing plain paper and covering with tape on the package. As a part of the new GHS requirements, we decided to switch to “drum size” durable labels with adhesive to improve the look of our products being shipped. We wanted our labels to look robust and durable” says Aaron.

Pylam Sample Label

During our first conversation, I learned Aaron was interested in purchasing a GP-C831 printer. You can read about this printer in one of first posts: In addition, Aaron wanted to know the estimated ink cost for his labels. To give him an estimated ink cost, I asked Aaron to send me a label (he sent the label pictured above). To produce this label on the GP-C831 using an 8” x 11” label, the estimated cost for ink was $0.022 each.

GP-C831 Ink Cost

At $0.022 each, the ink cost is very low for this label; especially compared to laser or thermal transfer options. If you want to see the cost comparisons, read my earlier post here:

You can purchase ink for the GP-C831 printer here:

After Pylam purchased the GP-C831 printer, I helped Aaron configure and learn how to use the printer. We had him printing labels quickly and easily. According to Aaron, “the labels look very appealing; and communicates positively about our products. I believe our customers appreciate the new look of our labels.”

Printed GHS Label on Matte Poly

Like many companies, Pylam has a lot of work to do to meet the GHS requirements. “With thousands of products, we have only scratched the surface on completing our SDS’s and GHS labels; especially since we add new items all the time,” says Aaron.

Continuing, Aaron says, “our customer comes to us with the specific specifications and requirements. For these requests, we create and produce products to order. Once the product is made, we print, apply and ship on very short time-frames. It’s important for us to meet our customers’ needs quickly, and the capabilities of the Epson label printer helps with attaining many of our goals.”

Although printing labels for a short time, Pylam is happy with their new GP-C831. Durable, low cost and attractive labels printed exactly when needed is exactly what Pylam has achieved with this solution. If you need to meet the GHS requirements like Pylam, Contact us; we’ll make sure you get started printing beautiful and durable color labels as well.

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