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Get Your Matrix On

Printing full-bleed correctly can be tricky using die cut labels.

Full-Bleed Label Printing

The problem is you want the ink to cover the edge of the label but not put too much ink on the exposed liner. If ink goes onto the liner, you can transfer it to the actual label during application or rewinding. Or you can’t quite get the label printed without leaving some white on the label.

Full-Bleed Label

In the past, we’ve tried inkjet coated liners that work perfectly:
BLOG: Full-Bleed Label Media

But are expensive to use.

And I’ve written about using a finishing system post printing. Here is one option I saw at Label Expo:
BLOG: Affordable Digital Label Solution

Using a label finishing system is great if you are willing to invest in the equipment and change your process to print and then finish (laminate, die cut, weed the matrix and rewind) the labels. Many companies don’t want to take the time or effort to complete this process. But a finishing system produces perfect laminated, die cut labels each time.

One last option to produce full-bleed labels involves using slightly different die-cut labels; leaving the matrix on.

Matrix On Circle Labels

In the above picture, you’ll see die cut circle labels; but you’ll also see the matrix left on around the die cut forming a rectangle and gap between labels. With the matrix left on, you can print beyond the die cut label without having to worry about the ink transferring. Works great to produce full-bleed die cut labels.

However, you can’t use labels with the matrix on for label applicators; they will not peel correctly with the matrix left on. And I’ve been told that labels with the matrix on are more difficult to peel and apply by hand.

To make matrix on labels easier to apply and work with label applicators, DPR has launched an inline matrix remover integrated with the C7500. Watch this new device work here:
VIDEO: Inline matrix remover for Epson C7500 printer

And learn more about this system here:
Roll to Roll System for Epson C7500 printer

Now in one step, you can print full-bleed labels completely; and then remove the matrix to have finished die cut labels. If you have full-bleed artwork and use an applicator/find it difficult to peel and apply labels by hand, the DPR C7500 in-line matrix remover may work for you. Contact us to learn more and discuss how this new device may make your workflow more productive.

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Guy Mikel

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