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GHS.SOLUTIONS is the premier provider of everything needed to produce GHS labels; printers, labels, ink, winders, applicators, labeling software and content. Count on us to provide the support you need to start printing GHS labels quickly and easily. Plus you can contact us if you need technical support or repairs. Visit our store or call us at (855) 962-7670 to make a purchase.

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Although selling an assortment of GHS printers, we focus the majority of effort on printers produce by Epson; the GP-C831 for drums, the C3500 for smaller containers or low volumes and the C7500 for batch production of high resolution labels.​ These printers produce durable and chemically resistant labels.

Check out the video of the C7500 producing 100 6” labels in 1 minute:

Labels sells a complete line of labels for GHS. Durable poly labels, cryogenic labels, paper labels for products that don’t need to meet the BS5609 requirements, specialty labels such as opaque; continuous, die-cut or fanfold. We supply the labels you need to meet your specific requirements.

Color Label Solutions is a value-added reseller specializing in print-on-demand color label systems. We have deployed print-on-demand color label solutions in hundreds of companies and industries; providing our customers with online training and support. Let us help you make color labels a reality for you. Check out Our Blog, Facebook and LinkedIn pages for the latest information on Color Label Solutions, Inc.

To learn about a few of our specific GHS customers, please review the following companies posts below. is a division of Color Label Solutions, Inc. (; the premier provider of print on-demand color and GHS label systems. You may find these other websites,,,, and blog, of interest. After selling, installing and supporting hundreds of companies move to print on-demand color and GHS labels, Color Label Solutions is the best choice for a partner to print labels on demand. And now cartons as well.