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Since the inception, the goal of Good Heart Catering ( has been to develop a company that could directly impact those less fortunate in the greater Los Angeles community. The history of this goal dates back to when the founder of Good Heart Catering, Jon Tokas, joined the revitalization and renovation efforts of downtown Los Angeles nearly 13 years ago. Jon founded his company after growing up working in his family’s deli serving the Jewelry district in Los Angeles. Now, Good Heart Catering partners with local food banks making donations who in turn feed those who are in need.

Jon contacted us when needing a labeling process that would fit their POS system and food preparation process. According to Jon, “we need a printer that can produce color labels affordably and easily as well as in variable lengths. We’ve been using Avery sheet-fed labels and a desktop printer, but find it difficult to do what we want.”

Sheet Fed Labels

Jon continues, “As we sell many different items, we don’t want to use preprinted labels. Also, we like to use Kraft paper if possible as it would match our containers. Finally, we’re moving to a new point of sale system (POS); and need the printer to work with this system.”

After speaking with Jon, I recommended the C3500; especially given the printer can cut labels in variable lengths. To help Jon decide, I printed and sent samples, even on Kraft paper, as well as determined the estimated ink costs. For one of the basic round labels, I estimated the ink cost at $0.014/label.

C3500 Estimated Ink Cost

For the 15” label, I estimated the ink cost at $0.051/label.

C3500 Estimated Ink Yield

Based on the label samples and estimated costs, Jon purchased a C3500 printer and labels. After working with Tim, our Support Manager, Jon was printing labels quickly and easily; sending me a picture of his first label printed on the material that comes with the C3500.

C3500 Printed Label

Unlike most customers, the real work for Jon started after he was printing labels. Jon needed to make sure label printing fit into the processes and systems he wanted to put in place.

Continuing, Jon says, “We built a process using our new POS. Each day, we select in our POS system the items/labels we need to print for the various orders. For example, one order may have 10 different items. Based on the items selected, the POS system produces a PDF using the variable images and text in our database. Each page of the PDF becomes one of the inner:

Package Inner Label

Or outer labels:

Package Outer Label

of the item in the order. Each label is automatically cut based on the page length; the Color Label Solutions support manager Tim showed us how to select this setting. No longer do we need to select multiple labels from sheets; we just apply the labels printed for each order picked. I LOVE THIS PRINTER; it’s perfect for a small business like ours.”

C3500 Label

Learn more about Good Heart Catering’s community participation here:

The story of Good Heart Catering is very gratifying for me on several levels. First, we helped a new customer start printing color labels on demand. Second, we helped a small business develop and implement an outstanding, highly productive new process that saves time and money. Lastly, we supported an organization committed to the greater good of their community.

If you want to create or improve your labeling process, contact us. Hopefully, you’ll love your printer too!

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Guy Mikel

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