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Increasing Label Real Estate

Do you have small containers requiring more content than the label size allows?

We’re providing labels that wrap around almost twice to provide additional label real estate to meet the GHS requirements on small containers.

Wrap Around GHS Labels

Although not allowed us to use the company name, I decided to post an overview of what we are doing for this small to medium size company of aroma chemicals.

After finding Color Label Solutions via our website ( and blog ( in the winter of 2014, our customer wanted to test a GHS label printer prior to purchasing. To help them move forward, we provided our customer a demo C3500 printer and labels to test; using GHS label designs created by 3E ( 3E Company, a Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq: VRSK) business, is a global provider of data and information services which enable companies to improve compliance with Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) regulations and supply chain obligations through the entire lifecycle of chemicals and products.

During the testing, our customer printed a variety of label sizes and designs. Also, the customer tested the labels under different conditions (freezer, oven, etc.) for adhesion, durability and acetone resistance. In their tests, the matte poly labels held up very well; and then decided to purchase a C3500 and initially 3” x 5” and then later 4” x 7” inkjet coated labels with their logo preprinted.

Preprinted Logo’s Removed

With the logo’s, we took several iterations to get the labels to look exactly as required. When preprinting, it’s important to ensure you get the exact color match and dimensions you want. Plus with Epson inkjet printers, you can’t print on top of the color; so the logo’s were placed at the top out of the way of the GHS label content. As the labels look great, I wish I could show you the finished product.

After completing the preprinted labels, the customer had one more request: sample bottle labels. The real estate on these bottles was too small to place all of the required GHS content without using tiny font sizes. Therefore, our customer wanted to know if we could place adhesive on one end of the label and then skip an area before adding adhesive again at the end. With this design, our customer could produce labels that would stick to the bottle and then wrap around again to stick only at the end on top of the lower layer.

Given the requirement, we suggested using a “Kill Adhesive”. With the kill adhesive, it prevents the adhesive from working on a section of the label. After sending samples of the kill adhesive, our customer ordered preprinted, 1.5” x 6” labels with 2.875” of good adhesive, 3” of kill adhesive applied, and then .125” of adhesive at the end.

Label With Kill Adhesive

As we recommended the adhesive be applied to the leading edge of the label, our customer needed to work with 3E to redesign the labels. But this work paid off in a great looking design, even adding “peel here” text and a dotted line on where the end of the label would attach to the lower first wrap.

Wrap Around GHS Label

On this particular label, a bit of the ink from the lower wrapped peeled off. But this potential ink issue is not critical as the customer designed the label to eliminate most of the content in the area of the tab of adhesive at the end.

Wrap Around GHS Label

Overall, the customer designed great looking and unique GHS labels. And according to him, “the GHS labels look and work great!” If you like unique options for small containers, be sure to read our recent post on GHS tags as well:

Working with people like this customer is one of the great benefits of leading Color Label Solutions. Contact us if we can help you with unique and colorful labels and tags.

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