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Inkjet Coated Kraft

All the time, we get requests for Kraft paper labels.

However, I’ve found these Kraft labels to print poorly with inkjet printers. The primary reason for poor print quality is that the ink will migrate/spread on plain paper. This migration or spread makes the print quality look “fuzzy” and frankly, not good. Wish I had a closeup picture, so hopefully, you can imagine what I mean.

Almost all of the labels we sell have an inkjet coating. This coating adheres the ink to the surface of the label, preventing the ink from migrating/spreading; and making the ink bind to the paper stronger. For example, inkjet coating enables us to sell durable, poly labels that meet the BS5609 requirements. To meet the requirements for the marine shipment of chemicals, printed labels must survive in the ocean and resist server abrasion testing. Learn more about BS5609 from these older posts here:

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Now we have just launched a new inkjet coated Kraft paper label that prints great!

Inkjet Coated Kraft Paper Labels

When we received the new inkjet coated Kraft paper, we printed the material using a relatively low-resolution artwork.

C3500 Printed Inkjet Coated Kraft Labels

And compared it to our standard matte paper:

Matte Paper vs Inkjet Coated Kraft Paper Labels

From our print tests, we found the print quality of the new inkjet coated material much better than traditional Kraft paper labels and almost as good as our standard matte paper labels.

Once tested, we sold it almost immediately to a customer, Kristy of Blue Rock Acres.

When asked why Blue Rock Acres was interested in a Kraft paper label, Kristy said, “The company was looking for a label that would distinguish our A and B Brands. We went with Kraft-backed packaging for the new B brand and thought the look should carry over to the label as well. We wanted a brown bag appearance, a wholesale or low-price vibe, while still being eye-catching to the consumer. I think the Kraft labels capture this extremely well and I am very pleased with the new labels.”

Blue Rock Acres Printed Labels

Considering these labels were printed with a relatively low-resolution C3500 printer, I think they look great! According to Kristy, “The new Kraft labels look great and print great, including small print disclaimers and barcodes! Just the look we wanted.”

If you are looking for vintage or brown paper look for your labels, consider our new inkjet coated Kraft paper. You’ll find these labels print great, and convey the desired brand image.

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Guy Mikel

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