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Pack Expo East 2018

Last week, we exhibited at Pack Expo East in Philadelphia, PA:

Color Label Solutions at Pack Expo East

Although not everything went as planned (inbound shipping was a nightmare), we still had a great experience talking to more than 130 people about print-on-demand color labels and corrugated. Here are 3 “Ah-Ha’s” I took from our experience.

First, our Sales Manager, Grant Lapke did an outstanding job installing, running and packing our NS Multi printer. Although we shipped this machine a great distance, the print quality was still outstanding.

NS Multi Printed Box

Just look at this box printed with the NS Multi. Or our signs we printed as our backdrop arrived late to the show.

NS Multi Printed Sheet

I’ve written about the print quality before. BLOG: NS Multi Print Quality. But given the shipping, I was impressed at how well Grant got this printer to produce outstanding quality.

Given the print quality, we spoke to several companies about printing in-store merchandising displays. The NS Multi would enable large, package good companies to produce personalized displays and end caps quickly. And with the Caldera’s RIP capability for variable data and images, companies would be able to personalize each end cap uniquely for the store. The capability of the NS Multi to produce unique and high-quality merchandising is a new opportunity for us and the market.

Second, we launched a new semi-automatic label applicator integrated with the C7500.

Label Applicator Integrated with the C7500

This applicator uses a sensor and a movable arm to manage the “loose-loop” of labels between the printer and applicator. You need this Loop given the fact the printer backs up when starting to print. One feature I found of interest with this new applicator is that you can send a large (i.e. 500) print job to the printer. As the labels are consumed, the sensor in the loop allows the printer to produce more, always keeping the loop filled. So if you had a requirement of a batch of 500, you could print approximately 510-520 labels, and know when the batch was completed. This feature may make this system work better for the operators. If you are interested in applying labels to round and soon flat containers directly from the C7500, contact us. We’ll discuss how you could use this new capability in your operation.

Third, we showed again the new L501 from Afinia; which produces beautiful labels.

L501 Printed Label

And beginning May 1st, Afinia will start shipping this new product. From my perspective, the L501 fits companies that need to print great looking labels in relatively small batches. The cost of the printer is $3500 and offers both dye and pigment ink. The “Due” Ink Technology aspect is interesting; as dye inks produce generally better colors whereas pigment inks are more durable typically. If you want great looking labels but don’t want to spend a lot of money on hardware, the L501 may be a great option for you.

Pack Expo was a valuable tradeshow for us. If you need great looking on-demand color labels, boxes or displays, contact us to discuss your requirements. We’d appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your business.

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Guy Mikel

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