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PAC5 Full Color Print and Apply Label Applicator

The PAC5 Full Color Print and Apply Label Applicator is designed specifically for the Epson® CW-C6000P on-demand color label printer with peel-and-present capabilities.


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The PAC5 Makes Full Color Label Printing & Application Easy.

The General Data PAC5 On-Demand Full Color Print and Apply Label Applicator is a customizable label printing and application solution designed specifically for the Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000P on-demand label printer with peel-and-present capabilities. With this tabletop-sized unit, automated full-color label print and apply is so easy, all the operator needs to do is place the product.

After sending a color label job to the printer, the machine detects the presence of a product under the tamp head, and the PAC5 triggers the start of the application process. The PAC5 peels the printed label feeds that label to the pad and extends the dual tamps; applying the label to the desired product. Once the label is applied, the PAC5 retracts the tamps, allowing the cycle to repeat. The PAC5, available in manual or fully automatic print and apply, delivers accurate label placement and a safe and efficient workflow, even in environments where workers are required to wear gloves.




PAC5 Full Color Print and Apply Label Applicator.

Designed for bottles, cans, and jars.
The PAC5 provides accurate label application in the same location every time, which is crucial to packaging aesthetics and branding. Along with this guaranteed accuracy, this flexible tabletop-sized unit can print product sizes and shapes from 3x5x5 inches to 8x12x12 inches, in squares, rectangles, flats, or rounds on request. Available in manual or fully automatic print and apply; other customization is available to suit individual needs.

Exclusive Features Provide Additional Value.
The PAC5 comes standard with many features unavailable elsewhere; including a 5-color Status Indicator, On/Off switch, Jog button, Lockout / Tagout Main Disconnect, adjustable level feet, Out of Media Detection, and exclusive tamp shift and flex tamp with heavy-duty dual cylinder construction.

Easy Access for Upgrades and Maintenance.
No worries about upgrades and routine maintenance, as the PAC5 features a removable printer unit and allows easy access to the electrical panel and pneumatics.

Intelligent Operations.
The PAC5 operates intelligently, allowing automatic setup with multiple programmable labels for easy change-overs to different types and sizes. Multi-language touch screen operator panel can be used with the General Data SmartTouch Panel for a complete print and apply labeling solution. This unit also offers advanced PLC & I/O, as well as USB, Ethernet, Serial, and WiFi connectivity options.

Print Size and Resolution Options.
The PAC5 prints up to 1200×1200 dpi, and can print a 4.25″ or 8.34″ print width.

Made in the USA.
Engineered and assembled at one of our plant facilities in Cincinnati, OH.


PAC5 Full Color Print and Apply Label Applicator

Dimensions – WxDxH: 29 x 18 x 15.25 (in) / 736 x 457 x 388 (mm)
Weight: 95 lbs / 43 kg
Label Width: Up to 4.25″ (108 mm) or Up to 8.34″ (212 mm)
Label Length: Up to 12″ (178 mm) – Dependent on Tamp Pad
Printable Resolution: Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi full color
Voltage: 115 Volts AC 60Hz 8 Amps / 220 Volts AC 50Hz 4.0 Amps
Requirements: Compressed air, 2-3 CFM, 60 psi
Air (as needed): 80 psi @ 4 cfm
Dispense Accuracy: Up to +/- 1/32” (.8 mm)


  • Roll-around or fixed stand
  • Conveyor side-mounting bracket
  • Label on pad detection
  • Smart Touch Panel
  • Air-blow conversion
  • Front tamp configuration
  • Corner wipe-around configuration
  • Custom programming








General Data PAC5 Label Applicator  
PAC5 Full Color Print and Apply Label Applicator Brochure: