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“Sticky” Path To GHS Labels

For 130 years, Adhesives Products, Inc. (API),, has produced high-quality products for the adhesive industry including many types of glues, adhesives, tapes, labels, and coatings. Since 1878, the mission of API remains today to be a highly responsive manufacturer, selling quality products to their customers.

Like all companies selling adhesives, API needed to comply with the GHS requirements prior to June 1, 2015. By this date, Color Label Solutions had 45 posts covering GHS. Our first post from February 2012 covers Oakwood Products and their effort to meet the GHS Requirements: Other early posts included Octochem: and GHS in general; as well as BS5609:

Jeff Vinuya in the API warehouse

According to Jeff Vinuya, Laboratory Director, API, “we reached Epson after contacting several other companies involved in selling GHS solutions. It seems all of the other companies wanted us to spend tens of thousands of dollars on software to produce the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and then the GHS Labels. We did not want to spend this amount of money. What we needed was to print labels that met the GHS requirements. When Epson connected us to Color Label Solutions, they assured us this reseller would help us with printing GHS labels. And they have!”

Prior API Label

Prior to producing GHS labels, API used preprinted labels in which the hand wrote the product and other information on the label. Jeff says, “Handwriting labels takes valuable time, opens up opportunities for mistakes and does not look the best. As a part of moving to GHS labels, we wanted a way to eliminate the handwriting of labels.”

Based on the requirement to produce drum labels and add data to labels at print time, we recommended BarTender. Based on this recommendation, Jeff visited our post on creating drum labels; including downloading the example template and database we provided. You can see this post here:

Based on our discussion, Adhesive Products purchased C831 printers for both their CA and WA locations as well as BarTender. With this software, Jeff created great looking labels, even for their pails.


And fiber drums produced in their WA location:


Also, Jeff was able to eliminate the requirement to add information by hand. Now the shipping manager can print, apply and ship product without using a pen!

API Label Printing

For their labels, Jeff is using matte paper. As they don’t ship internationally via marine, they don’t need to meet the BS5609 requirements. Even so, Jeff has found our paper labels to be relatively durable.

It’s great to work with customers like Jeff and API. They understood their requirements and made decisions decisively. Now they have a GHS label solution that works well for them.

If you need a GHS solution or a better option than you are currently using, contact us here at Color Label Solutions. We’ll make sure your path forward quickly and easily and not “sticky” just like API.

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Guy Mikel

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