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WestPack 2018 Launch

At WestPack 2018 in Anaheim, CA, we launched the NS Multi, the on-demand color box printer from New Solutions in Portugal.

Color Label Solutions and the NS Multi at WestPack 2018

Although we spoke to many people about label printing, most of our time was spent with people interested in printing boxes in color, and on-demand. From this experience, I have 3 key observations that I would like to share with you.

NS Multi Printed Box

First, the NS Multi produces beautiful print quality. In the picture above, we printed on a pre-cut box with a white face and coated with an inkjet receptive coating. The print quality, which is up to 1600 x 1600 DPI is fantastic when using the inkjet coating. Here is the print on our locally coated off-white box:

Inkjet Coated Box Printed by the NS Multi

In this print, you can see the individual feathers on the birds. And no pixelated dots in our Color Label Solutions logo. On the inkjet coating, the print quality is great.

Even on Kraft boxes, the print quality is very good; and probably good enough for many applications.

NS Multi Printed Kraft Box

But the same artwork on the white, inkjet coated side looked very nice.

At WestPack, we made a stack/pillar of printed boxes on top of the NS Multi:

NS Multi Printed Box Stack

Second, the NS Multi will help many companies manage their inventory of empty boxes. I spoke with several companies who had lots of SKU’s and needed a different approach to box inventory management. One company told me that they had 550 SKU’s with many hundreds of different boxes. With so many SKU’s, this company had to purchase a large quantity of each box, and keep stacks and stacks of boxes in their warehouse.

Plus, they had to pick the boxes they require every day from their inventory. And the company has problems with an obsolete inventory of boxes as their artwork and products constantly change. By using the NS Multi, this company can eliminate obsolete inventory and can reduce their inventory of boxes to as low as 4 to 5.

NS Multi On Pallet Arriving at WestPack

Third, I was surprised by the number of people who wanted/needed some number of boxes printed. These companies need a very short run of boxes; printed with their individual artwork. Some of these people had very small companies but still wanted good looking boxes in small quantities. And some of these companies needed an initial short run for testing of new products. It’s clear that a lot of opportunity exists for short-run box production.

Overall, the NS Multi produces beautiful print output; and is perfect for companies with lots of SKU’s or companies who want to print boxes in short runs for their customers. Two great targets for this new device.

To learn more about the NS Multi, read my previous post on this printer:

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Or my post on Label Expo Europe where I first saw the printer:

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WestPack was not only good for us at Color Label Solutions because of the launch of the Multi, but also everyone who attended the show wore our 10 Pt gloss paper badge:

WestPack 10 Pt Gloss Paper Badge

Doesn’t it look great! I’m excited the badges turned out so well.

If you have a lot of SKU’s and are in need of a box solution, or want to print boxes in color and on-demand for your customers, contact us to discuss how the NS Multi will meet your requirements. After seeing how well their printer works, I’m convinced the NS Multi is a great fit for companies like yours.

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Guy Mikel

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